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Guide of F.B.I Agent/Important informations|| IMPORTANT !!!||

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Guide of F.B.I Agent/Important informations|| IMPORTANT !!!||

Post  Alae_Mrich on Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:56 am

Faction FBI - To join Us

You wish to become an agent of FBI on OSRP: certain important details are to be taken into account.
Above all: what an agent of FBI?
An agent of FBI is dependent on the department of the justice, he has precise skills which carry in particular on:
- The antiterrosime.
- The organized crime, (mafias, cartels).
- The kidnappings.
- The collection of general information.
- Fight against the dealing of weapons, alcohol, tobacco and explosives ( ATF).
- Fight against the drug trafficking (POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA).

Contrary to the faction LSPD (police of Los Santos), FBI acts on the whole American territory.
What makes of him a federal agent, thus legally speaking, more powerful than an average policeman.

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From an external point of view, one wait for members of the faction FBI some capacities in writing(editorial staff) (reports)((connections)) and in assembly photo (very simple eh).

It is also about a sensitive faction, and therefore, only the players with a good experience roleplay are accepted.

Do not hope to obtain only from the action(share) to FBI, it is necessary to know how to like making(conducting) investigation(surveys), to be autonomous and be patient.

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