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[Guide]How to get lower ping

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[Guide]How to get lower ping

Post  xkirill on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:36 am

welcom to my first guide on how to get lower ping.
well i saw alot of players with ping around 300-400
so i decided to make this guide.
ok lets get start:
Go to
scroll down,now you need to see this:

look left down the screen you'll see your ping and the comapany name thet you pay for to get internet(we will need it leter...)

ok lets continue:
ok on the screen you'll see a cube,drag this to usa and click on one of the balls.
the test should start now so wait till it done.
ok after it done you need to see this:

ok now u see how much MB/KB u download in 1 sec
so if you see then your ping is BIG (there,left side)
and ur MB/KB download is tiny thet mean then u should buy from the company thet give u internet more MB's

if your ping is tiny and u thing then ur MB/KB speed download is good,but in-game u have BIG ping and u lagging you should follow those steps:
first of all if you have instelled mods,delete them
2)Get full clean GTA(with working+normal radio/sounds)
3)open GTA >> click ESC >> Game Options >> 3rd Option >> advenced Mode >> Qualty/game graphic == Change it to low >> first option >> change it to 'none sticks' (the draw distance)

thets all till now Smile
Good Luck

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