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The F.B.I Rules

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The F.B.I Rules

Post  Alae_Mrich on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:27 am

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F.B.I Rules:

F.B.I Academy - Los Santos

Rule1: Be a Role Play Agent.
Rule2: Respect your partners and your chiefs.
Rule3: Don't ask to be Hight Rank.
Rule4: Don't abuse your commands .
Rule5: Don't report any agent without a valid raison.
Rule6:Dont Buy Drugs/Weapons from shops/people.
Rule7: ALWAYS ask a hight Rank if you take ((GUN/Skin)).
Rule8: Don't be SUPERMAN((Cuff any player/taze him))

if you Breack one rule, you get KICKED from the faction.

And remember: if you need to talk about something OOC use (( and )) in /r.

If an agent does not respect the regulations, he will be fired.

We add more Rules each Day/Week

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