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Los Santos Police Departement - Rules

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Los Santos Police Departement - Rules

Post  Exato on Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:56 pm


1. Never abuse your power as an Police Officer

2. Never use your guns when not necessary

3. Always listen to your superiors

4. Civilians have rights be careful with them.

5. Here is the rights a civilian got when arrested:

* Has the right remain silence
* Have the right to demand a lawyer, if cannot afford a lawyer it will be handed a lawyer to the man paid by the Government/State Police.

6. Always refill and repair the Patrol Cars before parking them.

7. Never abuse your powers and ability to cuff a civilian.

8. Always report the day to your superiours if anything experienced and no backup/second officer was involved.

9. Whenever you are attacked never use a gun only have your tazer or pepperspray avaliable.

10. Never use the pepper spray on a running suspect always keep up with him once he gets tired use the tazer!

11. Always Roleplay grabbing your cuff's or ANY other equipment AT ALL TIMES!

12. Always Wear a Armour Vest if still a cadet.

13. Cadet's can get fired at ANY point without ANY warning at all or ANY kind of information.

14. Cadet's will only recieve 2 warnings before fired.

15. Rank 1-6 are not allowed to drive the silver cars!

16. Cadet's is only allowed to use a bike.

17. Rank 1-6 is not allowed to use the Heavy cars unless told to.

18. You must at all times RolePlay to reload your tazer before using it again! Example: /me tazers the running suspect and fails.

/me grabs a battery from their Duty-Belt and inserts it into their tazer.

/me Reloads the tazer before tazing the suspect in a second attempt.

19. (( Keep a track of the Government News by visiting the forums before going on duty ))

20. You have the right to kill off a suspect if they attempt to brake any part of your body or is assaulting you roughly.

Thank you for reading, please follow these rules at all times.

Here is the warning list before fired:

Cadets - 2 Warnings and will be fired

Officers - 2- Warnings and will be suspended - 3 warnings and will be fired

All ranks above 2 exept 7-9 will be suspended after 3 warnings and fired after 5

Greetings, Luke Marcini - Deputy Chief


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