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Angie's LSPD Application [REJECTED]

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Angie's LSPD Application [REJECTED]

Post  Angie on Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:02 am

Los Santos Police Department
A Strict Law At The Los Santos

The Los Santos Police Department Application
Chief: Alex_Drug
Deputy Chief: Luke_Marcini
Sergeant: Nick_Anderson
To Join The Lspd You Must Have Following Requirments:
Must Have Gun Aiming And Shooting Training
Must Have No Recorded Crimes
Must Be Qualified With a Great Digree
Application Requirments:
Note: Your Application Title Must Be Like This: Alex's LSPD Application [PENDING]
Application Must Be Clean And Bold
The Color Defines Must Be Same As Written Below
Your Answer Colors Must Be White Or else It Won't Be Accepted
Must Have Valid Reason For Being Cop
Must Have Valid Identity Or else You Won't Be Accepted
IC Application:
NameAngie Canifis:
Date Of Birth:6/8/1997
Recorded Crimes:0
Playing Hours:3 days
Do You Have FireArms? If Yes Then Do You Have Licenses For It?---
You Have Recored Crimes, Why?:---
Have You Completed Your Training At the Basic LSPD Training Area?:Yes.
Have You Helped Any Of The LSPD Member Catching a Thief Or Law Breaker?:Yes.
A Valid Reason That Why You Want to Be a LSPD Member, (a 500 Characters Story):My Brother Was Killed By One Of Gangs And So I Dont Want Others brothers,Sisters To Be Killed + I Want To Finish The Crime.
Can You Provide Us With Something That Why Should You Be Accepted?I Will Help You Catch Drug Dealers,theives,Kidnapers Etc.Finish The Crime & Have Peace.

200 Characters Story)

How Often Are You Online In-Game?3 Hours:
Do You Swear That You Will Obey All High Ranked Members of LSPD?Yes i Swear I Will Obey All High Ranked Members of LSPD

Name:Angie Canifis
Date Of Birth:6/8/1997
E-mail Id:---
Owner - Beta Tester
Owner - Beta Tester

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Re: Angie's LSPD Application [REJECTED]

Post  Exato on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:57 am

DENIED for the following reasons:

To Short Story
*Too many crimes convicted
*lied in the Apply
*No firearms license
*didnt do the second story
*Lying about IRL name and Age
*Bad English

If you have any further question contact me at my office, just ask for Luke.

Greetings, Luke Marcini - Deputy Chief


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