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Administator Group[READ][UNOFFICIAL]

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Administator Group[READ][UNOFFICIAL]

Post  xkirill on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:40 am

Administator Group: [UNOFFICIAL]

this group has made for admins only,
well nothing special,mybe leter will be somthing special but now its just then people know then your admin Cool

NEW! Note:Please vote on admin applications,so we all will argee with accepting the player,
Please vote with :: | +1 | 0 | -1 |
+1 = vote is YES (i want him to being admin!)
0 = Pending (its not YES and not NO)
-1 = vote is NO (i dont want him to being admin)

correct Admin staff and level:
(Level Name : Level : Forum Name -- IG name)
Owner : Lv.1340 : Alex -- Alex_Drug
Owner2 : Lv.1340 : Angie -- Angie_
Co-Owner : unknown : Exato -- Luke_Marcini
Head Admins:
High Admin/Lead Admin : Lv.1337 : xkirill -- Kirill_Forth
Moderator : unknown : Nick_Andreson -- Nick_Anderson
Helper : unknown : unknown -- Semantha_
Helper : unknown : unknown -- Rynal_
Helper : unknown : Alae_Mrich -- Alae_Mrich

some things i dont remeber,sorry.
Please reply here your admin stats ::
Level Name : Level : Forum Name -- IG name
if you want then your admin level will be here(and name)
NOTE:Bullet,Adi,Steve and Jenny levels are not sure,
so please dont reply about this subject.

those admins were kicked on 15/07/2011 :

REASON:Admin Group/Team need an active and useful admins(sorry for my language Smile ) and not inactive admin team,they didnt even gave or tell as then they will be inactive.

NOTE:thet doesnt mean then they will be kicked from the admin team,
NOTE2:only alex can kick them from the admin team Smile
i can only kick them from the group on the forum so please dont reply here about thet subject.

Admin Rules:
1)Dont Abuse your commands!
2)Dont buy business's
3)you can use /givemoney on yourself only!
4)Do not set other players status with out owner premission!
5)Max Refund Money:50,000 Max Level:5
6)if you want to spawn a vehicle with command please follow those steps:
A)Mark Your Postion/place
B)go to SF or Lv
C)Spawn Your vehicle
D)go to the marked place
E)when you done or wanna leave your vehicle do the same as spawning a vehicle but this time replace Step C with :: Leave Vehicle.
7)use /respawnallcars only once in 2-3 days
8 )disable ooc chat only when people want to RP,if you disabled the ooc remember to enable it before you exit/quit!
9)Be Active! if you gonna being inactive for somtime,please post a topic with the correct format (the format is at the battom of the post)
10)respect all!
11)Help People.
12)Dont give yourself guns/weapons
13)Dont set your level
14)Dont Swear/Flame/Foul language
15)Protect the rules
16)be nice!
17)Ban Hackers/cheaters!
18 )Be active on forum
19)Dont kill Players when your on duty
20)Dont DM
21)always remember then your admin and you should do your job
22)Help new people(explane/make a tour and all those things...)
23)Be friendly!
24)cheer people to stay.
25)always welcom new people,and our often people
26)and the last Rule! Give Kirill 100$ caz my car dont have fuel... :S (just kidding xD )

inactive format:
IG name:
How Long:
if somthing will change i will post it here!
please read the note's

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