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few things

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few things

Post  xkirill on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:38 am

i posted those things here caz i dont wanna to make few topics,each subject new topic,so i've decided to put all in 1 topic
lets get started:
/mole = doesnt work
vip cmds = doesnt work(exapt the paintjob
/crash = doesnt work OR just sucks -.- (dont do anything special
/gotocar = go to the center of the world(GTA)
/getcar = doesnt work
(/ao)oc = doesnt work

when u goto the news station and enter the checkpoint (on the left side) u dont see anything.when u change your job to news reporter, u cannot use /news.

when u enter the police station then enter the icon near the detective job icon,it dont show u anything.

1) /putmoneyinhouse OR /depositmoneyinhouse
allow you to use the house as bank,
NOTE:it save the money,even if the player login then logoff u still can see/take the money

/takemoneyfromhouse OR /withdrawmoneyfromhouse
the same as the first but the oppesite

NOTE:make /housemoneybalance so pple can see how much money they have in the house
NOTE2:ONLY the house owner can do this!if the player rented the house he cannot use this command,(he can use the command in suggestion 2!)

2) /putmoneyinroom OR /depositmoneyinroom
the same as in suggestion 1 but he deposit it in his room.

/takemoneyfromroom OR /withdrawmoneyfromroom
again...the same as in suggestion 1 but its a room..

NOTE:make a /roommoneybalance

3) /putguninhouse OR /hideguninhouse
allow the house owner to put/hide a gun in his house,
so the cops will not find it
NOTE: how much he can put guns in his house?:unlimited
ammo:unlimited , he can put how much guns he want in his house.
NOTE:to put the same gun in his house he will need to take the gun out...then put the gun!
NOTE2:he cannot put the same gun in his house!
NOTE3:the gun will be saved in a file!so if he will loggoff then login he still will see the gun there!

thet allow the player to take a gun from his house
NOTE:He cannot take a gun then he didnt put in his house,means:if i want to take M4 from my house and i didnt even put 1 in my house,it will say:"you dont have M4 in your house"
NOTE2:make /housegunsbalance :: it will show what he hided/putted in his house

4)the same as suggestion 3 but for renters
/putguninroom OR /hideguninroom


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